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Attract and retain EV drivers by offering a seamless charging experience


Workplace Solutions

Are you interested in bringing EV charging to your workplace?

As more and more employees are making the switch to electric vehicles, the need for easy-to-access charging facilities at work is growing. You can encourage your employees to take a greener approach to travel in the morning by establishing a dependable charging infrastructure at work.


Employers who provide EV charging as a benefit to their employees demonstrate that they recognize the importance of EV adoption, and it can even be a means to attract and retain talent.

Futureproof your workplace with a scalable charging solution. We help you maximize your EV charging infrastructure by designing and building a solution that is safe, secure, sustainable, and cost-effective. Our end-to-end solution for the workplace combines robust hardware and intelligent software for a smooth deployment of the charging infrastructure.

Benefits of installing EV charging at the workplace:

  • Demonstrate environmental commitment and support brand values

  • Attract and retain employees with a low-cost, high-impact benefit

  • Lower your organization’s carbon footprint by encouraging employees to go electric

  • Make it a part of your employee’s benefit package

Case Study

Hikma Pharmaceuticals


Case Study

Dubai Industrial City


Case Study

Amazon Jordan Offices

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