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Attract and retain EV drivers by offering a seamless charging experience


Site owners and partners

As the consumer interest in EVs grows, there is increasing pressure to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to meet this growing demand. Tenants’ access to EV charging infrastructure is key to scaling EV deployment and ensuring equitable access, however, providing EV charging infrastructure for tenants would require a considerable investment in CAPx by the site owners in addition to ongoing operating expenses that are required to assure service continuity. 

CATEC Mobility’s strategy is to provide EV charging solutions that meet the customers’ demand at no cost to site owners. We simply convert your sites to EV charging destinations at zero cost to you. We fully fund charger installation and take care of the entire associated maintenance. We partner with site owners by entering a long-term contract, allowing us to fully operate the chargers and provide customer and site care as part of our partnership.

Our services benefit electric vehicle drivers, the site owners that house the charging units, and, ultimately, the environment by supporting the use of less polluting electric vehicles.

Installing EV charging stations at your site has the following benefits:

  • Demonstrate sustainability commitments and build a brand for the future

  • Fully managed and funded solution with a long-term contract

  • Installing high-powered chargers will increase your property value

  • Meet Customer requirements with no CAPEX or OPEX

  • Potential revenue earning from car parking bays at no extra cost to you

  • Provide an in-demand service for your customers and differentiate to attract new ones

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