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Attract and retain EV drivers by offering a seamless charging experience


Real Estate Solutions

Are you interested in adding more value to your property by providing EV charging?

As more people commit to environmentally friendly lifestyles and adopt EVs, the demand for electric vehicles is gradually expanding. The real estate industry has a critical role to play in delivering the infrastructure required to support this transformation. EV charging stations are quickly becoming a "must include" on the list of amenities for residential properties. Also, governments around the world are considering making the installation of electric vehicle charging points mandatory in the development of all new commercial and residential buildings. Providing EV charging stations on your property will add appeal to your property and attract high-value tenants. Eco-conscious home buyers may be willing to pay premium prices for this convenient feature, leading to a higher selling price. 


Future proof your real estate with our flexible, cost-effective, and scalable EV charging solution, which can be seamlessly integrated into your property management.

Benefits of EV charging for real estate: 

  • Attract environmentally conscious home buyers & tenants

  • Increase the value and rental potential of your property

  • Create a new revenue stream

  • Increase EV driver dwell time on your property

Case Study

Al Raha Residences


Case Study

Sahel Towers

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