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Attract and retain EV drivers by offering a seamless charging experience


Fuel Retailers Solutions

Are you ready to embrace the future of e-mobility?

Consumer behavior is shifting as e-mobility adoption grows, with more EV drivers refueling their electric "tanks" at home and work. Fuel retailers face a huge challenge as a result of this shift. They are at risk of becoming redundant unless they make significant changes to their business models.

For fuel retailers, EV charging is an attractive way to expand their offerings and future-proof their business. They are well-positioned to attract EV drivers owing to their existing infrastructure and location along important transportation routes. They can also use EV charging as an additional revenue stream to drive footfall into their retail shops on top of charging services. EV drivers waiting for their vehicle to be charged will have spare time so there is an increased chance of them visiting the retail shops and making a purchase.

It can be challenging to deploy EV charging infrastructure at fuel stations, with a range of considerations such as the location of the business, the number of car parking spaces available, and the supply of power to the charging site. We provide future-proof and scalable EV charging infrastructure solutions to help you build high-quality charging stations to attract new and existing customers.

Benefits of deploying EV charging stations at your fuel station:

  • Extend and diversify your service station offerings

  • Attract new customers and build loyalty with existing ones

  • Upsell to high-income customers

  • Boost your brand awareness

  • Generate a new source of revenue

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