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Attract and retain EV drivers by offering a seamless charging experience

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Fleets Solutions

Are you ready to electrify your fleet and take a significant step towards sustainability?

Businesses around the globe are electrifying their fleets to reduce operating costs while contributing to a sustainable future. With the lowering costs of EVs and the increasing savings they provide over time, more and more fleets are switching to EVs. 

Having EVs that are ready and reliable is critical for the operational success of businesses that own and operate fleets. We provide customized, comprehensive, and scalable charging infrastructure to help fleet operators transition to EVs smoothly and efficiently while maximizing operational performance. Our consultative approach guides you from site layout, construction, and operational planning through electricity use and charging optimization to mission-critical response and resolution.

Our charging infrastructure is scalable, allowing you to adapt as your business grows and to save on installation, energy, and operational costs. Whether your fleet charges at a depot, along the route or at home, we work together with you to build reliable and accessible charging stations ensuring business continuity at all times. 

Benefits of electrifying your fleet:

  • Bring sustainable practices and green initiatives to your business

  • Create a reliable and energy-efficient fleet system

  • Reduce carbon emissions along the heavily traveled transport routes

  • Boost brand equity and awareness

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