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Attract and retain EV drivers by offering a seamless charging experience

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Car Park Operators Solutions

Are you prepared to make your car parking lot EV-friendly?

Electric vehicles have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years as more people become conscious of their environmental impact. This rapid expansion of EVs necessitates the development of EV charging infrastructure that is conveniently accessible. Car park operators are in a unique position to build this charging infrastructure, allowing the growing number of people with electric cars to charge their vehicles while they are parked. This not only makes car parks with charging stations more appealing to EV drivers, but it also provides car park operators with a new revenue stream as well as the ability to increase the length of time that parking is necessary. Installing charging stations allows you to capture a fast-growing segment of EV drivers who are willing to pay more for dedicated parking spots with charging.

We understand the needs of the car park operators and can assist you in the development of the best solution for your parking systems. We help you maximize your EV charging infrastructure by designing and building a solution that is safe, secure, sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective.

Benefits of installing EV charging stations in car parking lots:

  • Contribute to environmental sustainability

  • Provide convenience for your customers & gain loyalty

  • Increase occupancy of the parking lot

  • Generate a new stream of revenue from existing spaces

  • Boost your brand image

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