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Attract and retain EV drivers by offering a seamless charging experience


Car Dealerships Solutions

Are you ready to evolve your car dealerships as EV adoption increases?

As people around the world are becoming environmentally conscious and want to decrease their carbon footprint, there is an increase in demand for EVs. More drivers want to switch to EVs, but most don't know how electric vehicles and EV charging work. This gap between interest and understanding creates a significant opportunity for car dealerships. Dealerships can overcome many of the challenges that prevent customers from purchasing electric vehicles by providing a complete EV charging environment on their premises. By placing charging stations on-site, potential customers can interact with the chargers, ask questions to the sales team, and understand how the charging process works. Educating customers on the overall EV experience is important to build customer confidence in EVs. Customers will seek out trusted dealerships that can assist them in making their purchase decisions. A highly visible EV charging station on the premises will attract the interest of everyone, creating new sales opportunities—even among those who aren’t initially interested in EVs.

We partner with you to create an EV charging solution that is scalable, future-proof, and tailored to your site and utility requirements. You can rely on us for world-class service and support at every stage of your electrification journey.

Benefits of installing EV chargers on your site:

  • Attract customers by introducing them to EV charging stations

  • Create sales opportunities and sell more electric vehicles

  • Increase brand awareness and boost brand equity

  • Enhance the customer experience and also promote your dealership

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